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Sec Bug #61910 VU#520827 - PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability
Submitted: 2012-05-02 17:56 UTC Modified: 2012-05-09 21:37 UTC
From: aaasd at asda dot com Assigned: johannes (profile)
Status: Closed Package: CGI/CLI related
PHP Version: 5.4.1 OS: Unix
Private report: No CVE-ID: 2012-1823
 [2012-05-02 17:56 UTC] aaasd at asda dot com
U#520827 - PHP-CGI query string parameter vulnerability

CVE: CVE-2012-1823


PHP-CGI-based setups contain a vulnerability when parsing query
string parameters from php files.

According to PHP's website, "PHP is a widely-used general-purpose
scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and
can be embedded into HTML." When PHP is used in a CGI-based setup
(such as Apache's mod_cgid), the php-cgi receives a processed query
string parameter as command line arguments which allows command-line
switches, such as -s, -d or -c to be passed to the php-cgi binary,
which can be exploited to disclose source code and obtain arbitrary
code execution.

An example of the -s command, allowing an attacker to view the source
code of index.php is below:

A remote unauthenticated attacker could obtain sensitive information,
cause a denial of service condition or may be able to execute
arbitrary code with the privileges of the web server.

We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem.


Thanks to De Eindbazen for reporting this vulnerability.

This document was written by Michael Orlando.


php-cgi-disable-argv (last revision 2012-05-06 00:14 UTC by neweracracker at gmail dot com)
CVE-2012-1823.patch (last revision 2012-05-05 20:59 UTC by tyukish at parallels dot com)
cgi.diff-fix-check.patch (last revision 2012-05-04 01:08 UTC by erik at pizzadoos dot com)
cgi.diff (last revision 2012-05-02 18:45 UTC by

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 [2012-05-02 17:57 UTC]
-CVE-ID: +CVE-ID: 2012-1823
 [2012-05-02 18:40 UTC]
-Private report: No +Private report: Yes
 [2012-05-02 18:45 UTC]
The following patch has been added/updated:

Patch Name: cgi.diff
Revision:   1335984315
 [2012-05-03 13:00 UTC]
And for people not able to update/apply a patch, this mod_rewrite condition and 
rule should take care of it for Apache users:

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(%2d|-)[^=]+$ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*) $1? [L]
 [2012-05-03 18:25 UTC]
-Status: Open +Status: Closed -Assigned To: +Assigned To: johannes
 [2012-05-04 08:18 UTC] gcbirzan at gmail dot com
This should be open, and a new PHP released with the new patch. What the Hell...
 [2012-05-04 18:41 UTC] neweracracker at gmail dot com
I wonder why PHP-5.3.12 head wasn't merged with PHP-5.3 yet. Also PHP-5.4.2 head wasn't merged with PHP-5.4.
 [2012-05-04 18:54 UTC] neweracracker at gmail dot com
I wonder what is the consequence of doing something like ?-s+%3d ('%3d' is the encoded form of '='.
 [2012-05-05 12:26 UTC] adedov at parallels dot com
When ?-T+10000 problem will be fixed?
 [2012-05-05 21:07 UTC] tyukish at parallels dot com
you forgot to check in second block for 'T'.
it is corrected in attached patch: CVE-2012-1823.patch
 [2012-05-05 21:18 UTC] tyukish at parallels dot com
just for clear: I told about following case:

DoS with “?-T+100000” (careful, this will DoS your browser rendering engine too, 
so you should do this via cURL)
 [2012-05-05 21:21 UTC]
?-T+10000 is fixed by the original patch because it blocks anything starting with 
- and not containing a =
 [2012-05-05 21:23 UTC]
Attached patch fixes only part of the problem, since many setups use shell 
wrappers where various other shenanigans are possible. We're working on a better 
fix which will be released early next week.
 [2012-05-05 22:05 UTC] tyukish at parallels dot com
cgi.diff-fix-check.patch(and prev) - didn't fix "?-T+10000" because parse OPTs 
were separated into several places. And in second critical place not checked 
result of the condition.

Do you known already some details what are not fixed ? 
I see only 3 blocks where parsed OPTs, first and second are safe through new 
condition, 3rd block is safe through "if (!cgi && !fastcgi)" condition.

 [2012-05-05 22:27 UTC]
Ah, you mean for the fastcgi case. In what sort of configuration can those args 
even get to fastcgi? I haven't been able to reproduce that.
 [2012-05-06 00:19 UTC] neweracracker at gmail dot com
Some more details:
 [2012-05-06 11:15 UTC] neweracracker at gmail dot com
About CVE-2012-1823.patch

if(*decoded_query_string == '-' && strchr(query_string, '=') == NULL)

Should be:
if(strchr(decoded_query_string, '-') != NULL && strchr(query_string, '=') == NULL)

This would fix ?+-s attacks.
(Needs testing)
 [2012-05-06 13:31 UTC]
That would break simple safe URLs like ?top-40 

We have a better fix for this one already.
 [2012-05-09 21:33 UTC] aaa at aa dot com
-: +: aaa at aa dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:33 UTC] aaa at aa dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:33 UTC] xadasd at dsad dot com
-: +: xadasd at dsad dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:33 UTC] xadasd at dsad dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:35 UTC] aaasd at asda dot com
-: +: aaasd at asda dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:35 UTC] aaasd at asda dot com
 [2012-05-09 21:37 UTC]
-Block user comment: No +Block user comment: Yes
 [2012-05-09 21:37 UTC]
Looks like this becomes target for spamming, so I'm closing comments as this 
appears to be fixed by 5.4.3. If you have anything more on this, please write to
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