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  • The version number of the PHP package or files you are using.
  • A short script that reproduces the problem.
  • The list of modules you compiled PHP with (your configure line).
  • Any other information unique or specific to your setup.
  • Any changes made in your php.ini compared to php.ini-dist or php.ini-recommended (not your whole php.ini!)
  • A gdb backtrace.

Put short code samples in the "Test script" section below and upload patches below.

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A short test script you wrote that demonstrates the bug. Please do not post more than 20 lines of code. If the code is longer than 20 lines, provide a URL to the source code that will reproduce the bug.

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Skip if irrelevant. This could be a backtrace for example. Try to keep it as short as possible without leaving anything relevant out.

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